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Charity Benefits Unlimited® works behind the scenes to make your auction fundraising events simple on you and successful for your organization. As a locally owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience in fundraising and memorabilia, you and your guests may rest assured that all signed items are 100% authentic and include Certificates of Authenticity. In addition to collecting many of our signed items in person, CBU uses nationally known signature authenticators for all items obtained outside of our company. We provide our services to over 150 charities and organizations every year, a number that continues to grow. Regardless of your event’s size, demographics, or fundraising goal, CBU is dedicated to making it a success!


Meet The Team

Kyle Bell

Master Memorabilialist

The government will neither deny nor confirm his involvement in the destruction and rebuilding of the Egyptian pyramids.

Lori Evans

Head Number Cruncher

She once built an entire house...out of individual MS Excel cells...literally.

Noelle Kranz

Crew Chief

After leaving the Elite Israeli Secret Service Noelle has dedicated her life trying to prove the governmental Velcro conspiracy.

James Hunt

Creator of all Things

James once wrestled Batman out of his suit, which he now wears as his PJ's.

Cortney Weedman

Master Eventer

Once fought a beaver using only a sling shot made out of her makeup bag then tickled a bear to death with spirit fingers.

Larry Pearson

Shipping Logistisist

Lawrence struck it rich when a torn pair of under britches led to the invention of expensive shredded designer jeans.

Scott Nickels

Pounder of Pavements

Once scaled the tallest building in Chicago only to tell King Kong a joke. We now utilize his tracking abilities for good, not evil.

Darcy Graham

Mission Impossiblist

Once balanced a checkbook on the back of her horse while reciting the entire movie, The Princess Bride.

Mindee Krymer


In 2007 she traveled to Thailand to see Hanson in concert only to then beat Zac Hanson in a sausage eating contest on the flight home.

Jesse Green


Once closed the sale of a used Justin Bieber fedora while baking brownies and bathing his pet Bald Eagle, Ursula.

Ken Rebugio

Customer Service Ninja

After his failed invention of dissolvable Tupperware, Ken found his true purpose in teaching small woodland creatures to shadowbox.

Mabel Shike

Project Completionist

In Venice, Italy while walking down a staircase of books, Mabel discovered a new species of butterfly that she promptly named Veniceitalymablefly.

Marc Witt

Auction in Actionist

After realizing how long his nails had grown after 14 ½ failed attempts to invent hover craft boxers, he ditched the idea and became a Nine Inch Nails groupie.

Chris Devera

Customer Service Ninja

While hiking, Chris, spotted a Bigfoot wearing his old softball jersey. They now meet once a year to enjoy a s’more and piece of pot pie.

Zach Percival

Customer Service Ninja

His knowledge of baseball trivia is eclipsed only by his love for nursing sick baby ducks back to health…usually while humming the Gilligan’s island theme song.

Brittany Scott

First Impressionist

Not saying stuffed crust pizza was her idea but it was patented the day after she returned to the U.S. after selling her orca watching business in Canada.

Francine Leister

Auction Fulfillmentalist

Francine helps collect payment from our auction bidders. She can be reached at (602)568-8596 or

Andi Bell

Auction Fulfillmentalist

Andi helps collect payment from our auction bidders. She can be reached at (480) 837-0090 or

Charity Auctions

No matter the size of your event, Charity Benefits Unlimited® will work with you to exceed your fundraising goals! We will provide items of your choice to your organization on a consignment basis, with no financial obligation or risk on your part. Items that do not sell at your event will be returned to us at no additional cost to you.

Charity Benefits Unlimited® makes organizing and managing a fundraising event fun, easy and stress-free. Our services can help you take your fundraising event to the next level and are available at no cost to you. As you plan your event, Charity Benefits Unlimited® offers you complete access to our extensive product collection at true wholesale pricing.

With their experience of working over 150 fundraising events yearly, our fundraising specialists are able to help you strategically choose the best items for your event’s demographic, and can even be present at your event to set up and answer any questions. Professionally designed bid sheets are also offered for all of your auction items, including your organization’s own donated items. After the conclusion of the event, if some bidders choose not to take their winnings with them, items may be picked up from our Scottsdale showroom or can be shipped to the winning bidders for a nominal fee.

Throughout the process of planning and executing your event, there is no cost or risk to you!

Our friendly and knowledgeable fundraising specialists will work with you to determine the auction items best suited for your event, either through our website or in person in our Scottsdale showroom.

From exclusive sports, celebrity, music and entertainment memorabilia, to exotic vacation packages and more, we will provide you with the perfect items for your auction.

Since CBU donates 25% of each opening bid back to your organization, you are guaranteed to raise funds with even one bid. For every dollar bid thereafter, 100% of the funds will go right back to you. Plus, since all items are on consignment, any items that do not sell in your auction are simply returned back to us at no charge!

  1. The opening bid for a particular item is set at $100.
  2. 25% of this opening bid is automatically donated back to you ($25).
  3. The item sells for $500.
  4. You will receive $425 for that item and CBU will receive $75 (75% of the starting bid).

Our fundraising specialists are here to serve you! Below is a list of the services available for your event.

  • Item Selection
  • Auction Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Bid Sheet Design and Printing
  • Auction Item Set Up
  • Post-Event Item Shipping and Local Delivery

Some Of Our Partners


Benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Scott Embassy 8.4.15

This week we had the honor to present one of our Auctions in Action partners, Embassy Suites Phoenix – Biltmore with a check. Together we helped raise $4,108.52 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital!


Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s logo

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has provided multiple remedies for children since its inception in 1983. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest children’s hospitals in the United States. We are honored to be able to help such an amazing organization like this. You can find the Phoenix Children’s Hospital on Twitter @PhxChildrens, and on Facebook.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our Auctions in Action program. By partnering with great locations like Embassy Suites Phoenix – Biltmore, we are able to reach out and help amazing organizations daily. If you have questions about our AiA program, you can reference a previous blog or contact us via phone at (480) 483-0525 and e-mail at

Connect with CBU! Follow us on Twitter @CBUAuctions, and like us on Facebook for all things Charity Benefits Unlimited!

Charity of the Month: Arizona Humane Society!

AHS_LOGO_TM_-_STACKEDThrough the years, Charity Benefits Unlimited has raised over 3 million dollars for thousands of organizations, locally and nationally. We pride ourselves on raising money for charities through our Event Silent Auctions and Auctions in Auction. We also offer in-store sales, where 10% of all sales will directly benefit our Charity of the Month.

For the month of August, the Charity of the Month will be the Arizona Humane Society.

“The Arizona Humane Society was built on a foundation of compassion and kindness toward animals. As AHS evolves, it is focused on inspiring compassion in others through its appreciation of humanity and its reflection in animals… AHS makes every effort to model its own behavior on the accepting, gentle spirit of animals with the hope of compelling the community to act on their behalf”.

We couldn’t be any more thrilled to raise money for this extraordinary foundation!

You can find the Arizona Humane Society on Twitter at @AZHumane, and like them on Facebook!

Help us raise money for a great cause by visiting our showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. As previously stated, 10% of all in-store sales directly benefit the Arizona Humane Society.

Connect with CBU! Follow us on Twitter @CBUAuctions, and like us on Facebook for all things Charity Benefits Unlimited.

MVP Spotlight: Mabel Shike

Today we introduce a new series where we will be taking a more in-depth look at our amazing staff members through a variety of questions ranging from life at CBU and life outside of the office. Over the next two weeks, you will get to learn more about our two most recent staff-voted MVPs; and today we start off by highlighting ‘Project Completionist’, Mabel Shike.


Mabel Shike 2014

When did you start working for CBU?

March 2012.

What has been your favorite organization to work with during your time here at CBU?

Angels for Athletes stands out because of Kara. She is one of the nicest people I’ve met and she’s passionate about the foundation she started. She’s an overall good person, with a big heart.

Favorite movie?

Depends on the day, some days it’s Pulp Fiction, some days it’s The Fifth Element.

Favorite team?

Bring back the Sonics.

What has been your favorite moment while working for CBU?

If I had to name just one thing, having Dennis Rodman in our office was pretty interesting.

What is on your playlist?

Rilo Kiley, Seu Gorge, Bob Marley, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Cat Power, Lana Del Rey, Lucius, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff.

If you were stuck on an island what are the top three things would you bring?

Assuming I’m stuck because I don’t have a phone- Sunscreen, Swiss army knife, and a Lifestraw (a water filter).

Favorite quote?

The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things” – Rainer Maria Rilke

As previously mentioned, Mabel was voted on upon by her coworkers here at CBU as the MVP of the company for the 1st quarter of 2015. We here at Charity Benefits Unlimited are very thankful to have Mabel as a part of the CBU team!

Stay connected with us! Follow us on Twitter @CBUAuctions, and like us on Facebook for updates on all things CBU!

CBU Goes to Georgia!

Recently, Charity Benefits had the privilege of partnering with two fantastic charities and traveling to Lake Oconee, Georgia to help raise money.

The first event was hosted by the Bruce Arians Family Foundation. Before the foundation’s annual Celebrity Golf Classic, a gala dinner and concert was held, during which we raised money for the foundation. Athletes and celebrities from across the nation enjoyed a great dinner and bid on signature framed items, as well as our new jewelry line. You can connect with the Arians’ Foundation on Twitter at @AriansFF, and on Facebook at ‘Arians Family Foundation’.

The second event was the Enduring Hearts gala dinner before their 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. Celebrities in attendance included former University of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and American Idol season five winner Taylor Hicks! You can find Enduring Hearts on Twitter and Facebook at @EnduringHearts and ‘Enduring Hearts‘, respectively.

An inside look at Charity Benefit's setup at the Arians' Golf Classic Gala on June 28

An inside look at Charity Benefit’s setup at the Arians’ Golf Classic Gala on June 28

Over the course of the two events, CBU raised over $8,000 for the Arians Family Foundation and Enduring Hearts. One of our employees working these events was ‘Creator of All Things’, James Hunt, who said:

“It was a great week in Georgia helping raise awareness and funds for these two great charities. Always a pleasure working events like the Arians Family Foundation.”

Charity Benefits definitely echoes James’ thoughts and we look forward to working with these two amazing foundations, as well as CMPR, in the future!

Don’t forget to connect with Charity Benefits Unlimited on Facebook at ‘Charity Benefits Unlimited’, and Twitter at @CBUAuctions.


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